Hands-On U.S. History

Our Hands-On U.S. History Courses are led by certified American teachers who teach K-12 U.S. History, Civics/Government, Economics and Geography in a fun, creative and engaging way. Students complete U.S. Education Standards while working one hour a week at the time that is most convenient for them. Teachers guide, engage and teach students during Live Sessions.  Our program is 100% reimbursable for most DoS and DoD kids based overseas.


Choose from 2 options: 


American History in a Box LIVE

In 2018 we partnered with EFM business Afterschoolplans.com to bring their fun-filled, standards-based American History in A Box to the hands of our students. These boxes have been developed by a certified EFM American History teacher and include books, puzzles and games for a fun, interactive way to guide students along US Education Standards.  As students complete the American History in a Box activity book, they email their work to their Twiga Tutors teacher. Students meet Live with their teacher once a month for further discussion and review. This course is 3 months and available for K-8 students. It includes 120 Live Session Minutes with a certified American teacher. Enroll Now!


Hands-On U.S. History 

Nico presents his Native American tribes project.

Looking for a U.S. History course that is 100% hands-on, unplugged, inquiry-based, aligned to education standards and fun? Welcome to Hands-On U.S. History for Grades K-12! Our teachers develop monthly activities based on your child’s interests so they can explore, research and create hands-on U.S. History projects.  Students work one hour a week including a weekly 15-minute Live Session with their teacher to discuss progress, ask questions and identify next steps.  Examples of projects include planning a trip around the United States, creating the social media profiles of American historical figures, or writing a newspaper article based on three interviews with people who were alive during the Vietnam War.

Hands-On U.S. History includes a personalized USA Discovery Kit mailed monthly to your door with books, games and more to inspire and delight each and every student. Students connect live with their teacher for a total of 360 Live Session Minutes for the 6-Month course and 540 Live Session Minutes for the 9-Month course. Warning: Parents might get excited about this too! Enroll Now!




All Twiga Tutors U.S. History Courses Feature:


  • A Dedicated, Certified American Teacher: Teacher works 1:1 with your child to engage, inspire and explore America’s History. We do not have group classes.
  • Live Sessions: Teachers guide the learning through LIVE Sessions, so parents can sit back and relax. No need to nag 🙂
  • Self-Paced Coursework: One hour of recommended learning time per week that students complete at the time and place that is most convenient for them.
  • Special Needs and Gifted Students: Our ESE/SPED certified teachers adapt the content, pace and materials to accommodate the needs of Gifted and Special Needs students.
  • 3, 6 or 9-Month Course options: Choose from 3, 6 or 9-month programs to suit your family’s schedule.
  • Reimbursable for DoS/DoD students abroad:  Our program is 100% reimbursable for most DoS and DoD kids based overseas.
  • Start Anytime: Students can start anytime and we have programs for students in Grades K-12.  Enroll Now!




American History in a Box LIVE Hands-On U.S. History (6 or 9 Months)
3-Month American History in a Box LIVE, includes 3 Live Sessions with the Teacher. Total 120 Live Session Minutes. X
6-Month or 9-Month Hands-On U.S. History, includes weekly 15-minute Live Sessions with the Teacher. X
1 Hour of dedicated learning time Each Week  X X
Self-paced: Students work at anytime, from anywhere X X
Ongoing 1:1 email support from a Certified American Teacher X
Start Anytime! X X
Grades K-8  X
Grades K-12 X
U.S. History, U.S. Geography, U.S. Civics/Government & U.S. Economics Topics X X
Options for Women in American History, African American History, and State History Topics X X
Aligned to U.S. Education Standards X X
Teacher-adapted for Special Needs and Gifted Students X X
Monthly USA Discovery Kit  Mailed to Your Door X
American History in a Box Mailed to Your Door  X
Inquiry-based, hands-on, standards-aligned curriculum. Course is created by a certified teacher based on each student’s individual interests and skill level to make learning an engaging, fun and rewarding experience.  X X
Unplugged learning. Students work with paper, scissors, paint, and glue for messy, learning fun! X X



Julie B. – 25/07/2018 – We first signed up for the Twiga Tutors American History in a Box program because my boys haven’t actually spent much time in the U.S. (nor have they gone to American schools overseas), so I really wanted them to have exposure to U.S. history. Twiga Tutors did a great job providing positive feedback and structure for my boys…both of whom do best with significant outside motivation. As a result, my younger son developed a deep interest in African American history and social justice via this program, and the books on Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. have been in frequent rotation in our nighttime reads. Our tutor, Emily, was great about engaging with him on these topics, sharing related information stemming from her experience living in the south. I highly recommend this program for American families living overseas.
Jennifer Dinoia  We were in the pilot program, and our son has really been enjoying it. We started off with the math program to ensure he was at grade level (we assumed so, but…), and then headed over to social studies. He’s brushing up on American history, and really enjoying the program. He will even beg for the program to delay bedtime. Thanks again for including us!


LeeAnn T.  My 9 year old daughter has been enjoying this pilot program! She has especially enjoyed the U.S. Social Studies since she clearly isn’t getting that in Bangkok! Thank you Christianna Pangalos! I encourage everyone with school aged children to check it out!


Student Gallery

Nico W., Grade 4, shares his Native American dreamcatcher he made himself.

Zach L., Grade 4, shows us his freehand drawing of the map of the United States.

Owen S., Grade 5, is proud of his U.S. Capitol Building he built himself.

Olivia L., Grade 2, making the White House.



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