Our teachers tutor students in Math, English and Science. They help students remediate missing skills, as well as, support them with home and class work.  We currently offer two tutoring options.


Just Skype, pure and simple – Sign up for a bundle of Skype minutes and our teachers can work with your child one-on-one on an as need basis.  Students connect with teachers live to ask questions about work they are struggling with and review concepts. Teachers send a short email at the end of the session with a summary of what was covered.  At the end of each session teachers also send the balance of Skype time left. This allows for a more fluid conversation that is based on the student’s needs, rather than a predetermined number of minutes. We offer Skype bundles in 180, 360, 540 and 720 minute packages. Enroll today!


Homework and Class Support – Our teachers work 1:1 with the student on the topics they are struggling with in class.  Teachers Skype with students once a week for 40 minutes and are available daily to answer questions via email or text.  Teachers can review homework and class work, as well as, the class curriculum. When needed the teacher will assign additional practice or remediate foundational skills. The teacher also supports the student on upcoming topics, homework, tests, as well as, during transitions between schools so kids are caught up when they get to their new location (sometimes a new curriculum). With the Homework and Class Support program, our teachers review report cards, notes from parent-teacher conferences and previous assignments and tests. When necessary, our teacher can re-teach lessons not grasped in the classroom and provide practice work for any missing foundational skills.  This program includes weekly 40-minute Skype sessions and if needed our teacher can communicate with the student’s teacher to develop a learning plan. Contact us to learn more!



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