Teacher-Led Learning

At Twiga Tutors your child works 1:1 with a certified American teacher to build Math, English, Science and U.S. History skills while completing US Common Core Standards at their individual level and pace. This is what we call Teacher-Led Learning.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Parents choose the subjects (English, Math, Science and/or U.S. History and Civics) and student’s time commitment per week (minimum one hour).
  2. A certified American teacher uses adaptive online assessments to identify skills gaps along U.S. Common Core Standards to create a personalized, online learning plan.
  3. Students complete weekly assignments based on their skill level and receive weekly feedback and support from their teacher.

Think of it like a correspondence course, but teacher feedback is instant. No need to wait for the snail mail to come through.


Here’s Why Parents LOVE Teacher-Led Learning with Twiga Tutors 

Dedicated Teacher: Unlike self-paced, e-learning and watching online tutorials, each child has a dedicated certified American teacher to ensure academic progress and make learning engaging and fun.

Personalized: Every lesson and every problem is tailored to the skill level of the student. Differentiation allows each student to fill missing skills and progress academically.

Detailed Reporting:  Reports detail all completed assignments and problems, time spent, and which US Common Core Standards have been completed. Through the Parent Portal, parents can access their child’s live results and progress.  Teachers and School Administrators use reports to understand the student’s skill level and completion of grade level requirements.

Flexible Times: With hectic and ever-changing family and school schedules, Twiga Tutor’s Teacher-Led Learning allows children to learn exactly what they need to learn at the time that works for them. They can work during 30 minute intervals at the times that suit them best throughout their week.

Flexible Location: Anywhere there is Internet, there is Teacher-Led Learning. Whether at home or on vacation, at the library or at school, students can complete their assignments and communicate with their teachers and continue learning.




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