Special Needs & Gifted

We know that a lot of schools around the world are not able to support the diverse needs of Special Needs and Gifted and Talented students.  We’re here to help!  At Twiga Tutors we have ESE/SPED trained and certified American teachers who support Special Needs students in Math, English, U.S. History and Science subjects.  Our programs report directly to IEP goals based on the Common Core Standards and attainment of goals is automatically recorded as the student progresses and achieves each goal. Our teachers are also certified to support Gifted and Talented students who are not challenged enough in their overseas classrooms by creating a learning environment similar to Gifted and Talented programs found in U.S. schools.


All learning with Twiga Tutors is Teacher-Led and personalized allowing us to support each and every child at his/her individual skill level and pace. We can also create Tailor-Made programs that include personalized Reading Lists, U.S. Standards-based, hands-on projects and Personalized Discovery Kits. If you can dream it, we can build it.  To find out more about our programs and enroll click here.

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