Our certified American teachers use an online integrated e-curriculum to cover Science subjects ranging from Living Things to Human Bodies, Chemistry, and Space Science.  Enroll now.


Using adaptive placement technology our teachers find and fix missing skills allowing gifted students to progress as quickly as they like while simultaneously ensuring that remedial students get the extra instruction they need. Students do not waste time practicing material they have already mastered. Instead, our teachers target areas where students are struggling and allow them to make progress once mastery is achieved. For students who are not adequately challenged in the classroom, our teachers give students more engaging work allowing them to advance ahead of their current grade level.

Comprehensive and Fun  

Our teachers will guide your child as they build molecular models, label parts of the skeletal system, create charts, and much much more.  Students complete rigorous, interactive problem types that utilize over 35 different cognitive skills to encourage students to explore, discover, and think through concepts on their own. Instead of simply memorizing and regurgitating facts, our teachers push students to develop critical thinking skills, become better problem solvers, and develop a deeper understanding of science content. We make learning fun again. Enroll now.



Course Options
      Standard Course   Premium Course
For only $79 a month, teachers provide 1:1 student support and develop a personalized learning plan. Teachers set and grade weekly online assignments and provide strategies to build critical Science skills while working at each child’s individual skill level to complete Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Would your child benefit from some live 1:1 Skype sessions?  Sign them up to meet their teacher and receive live tutoring support from just $14 here. With our Premium Course, students receive our monthly Science Experiment Kit that is mailed monthly to reinforce hands-on, inquiry-based learning in STEM disciplines.  Teachers send the specific requirements for the experiment, provide guidelines on the scientific process and review the student’s work when submitted by pictures or video. The experiments relate to the content being studied in the course and are also aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Premium also includes prizes mailed when students do well and Skype sessions with the teacher as needed to discuss experiments, answer questions and more! Enroll now.


Reimbursements May Apply

This engaging and rewarding learning experience for your budding scientist is reimbursable for some DoS and DoD families. Click here for more information.

Summary of Twiga Tutors’ Science Program
Standard Course Premium Course
Weekly 1:1 Support from a Certified American Teacher X X
Minimum 1 Hour of Learning Each Week X X
MobyMax’s Award-Winning e-Curriculum X X
Personalized Learning Plan X X
Live Access to the Parent Portal X X
Students Complete U.S. Education Standards X X
Detailed Live Reports on Student Progress X X
Teachers Find and Fix missing skills using adaptive e-curriculum X X
Portable: Learning takes place anywhere there is Internet.  X X
Self-paced: Students work at anytime, from anywhere X X
Access to Games, Certificates and Contests! X X
Prizes! We mail them each time a student completes 10 Lessons with a passing score. X
Monthly Science Kit mailed to your door. Personalized to your child’s interests the kit includes materials for experiments, games, books and more, selected by the teacher for a hands-on approach to build STEM skills. X
Skype sessions with the teacher as needed to discuss experiments, answer questions and more. X

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