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Need something that you don’t see on our site? We can build it!

In the past we’ve done:

  • Coding and Robotics
  • Projects 
  • Writing Assignments

Let us know what you need and we’ll give your child an amazing and fun learning experience. Contact us at admin@twigatutors.com.


Need something that you don’t see on our site? We can build it!

In the past we’ve done:

  • Projects – Many students living overseas miss out on the creative and fun, project-based learning approach common is so many schools in the United States. We can fill that gap! Our teachers design projects around your child’s interests or along your child’s school curriculum to deepen their learning experience and engagement in Science, Math, English, or U.S. History & Civics.  All projects are aligned to US Education Standards and led by our teachers who assign and support the student through the completion of the project.  Examples include exploring US History through interviews with senior citizens, creating a lap book, diorama or powerpoint presentation about a character in a novel, science experiments with household items, writing a book, and much, much more!


  • Personalized Discovery Kits – These fun and interactive educational kits are selected by the teacher to give each student a chance to engage with the material they are learning in a more hands-on, experiential way.  We mail them to the student each month through DPO/APO addresses.  Kits include board/card games, books and activity books, maps, building and craft kits, and more.  The student completes the kits on their own and then shares the work with the teacher either through photos/video or during Skype sessions.


  • Ask A Teacher – Got Questions? Talk with one of our certified American teachers who can guide you, help you plan and answer your questions. Our consultations are done via Skype and last up to 40 minutes. Learn more about our teachers here. Examples of questions we’ve answered include:
    • I’m moving to the U.S. this summer and my child will be given placement tests at the start of the school year. I want to know how I can academically prepare my child for the tests and transition to the US public school system.
    • We’ll be moving and my child will miss 3 months of school how can I ensure my child does not miss critical material that she will need to know at her new school?
    • My daughter spent the last 3 years in a Cambridge curriculum school and now we are moving to Virginia. We need help translating the Cambridge standards to VA State Standards.
    • We’re moving from the Southern Hemisphere (Feb-Dec) school calendar back to U.S. (Sep-Jun) calendar and would like advice on whether we have our child repeat half a year or push him forward a half-year.
    • My child’s teacher raised a concern in our Parent-Teacher conference and I would like an American teacher’s perspective on how this might affect schooling in the US system.


  • Personalized US History and Civics Course – Looking for a project-based course? Maybe your teen needs help preparing for the AP US History or US Government exam? We can do it! Add in weekly Skype sessions with a certified teacher and our signature monthly USA Discovery Kit. We can make this course fun, engaging and tailored to your child’s specific needs.


  • Coding and Robotics – Looking to teach your child the skill of the future or maybe you’d like to start a Robotics Club in the country where you live but don’t know where to start. We can help! We use code.org’s standards-based, e-curriculum (developed by engineers at Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter) to teach your child the ins-and-outs of computer science theory and practice. Then you can order your robot in the mail and we’ll teach your child how to program it.  Skype sessions can be added for a more interactive computer science journey.


Let us know what you need and we’ll give your child an amazing and fun learning experience. Contact us at admin@twigatutors.com.


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