Full Support Tutoring Program for English, Math or Science subjects.

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Our Certified American Teachers work with your child on their missing English, Math and Science skills, as well as, topics they are struggling with in class.  Teachers Skype with students once a week and are available daily to answer questions via email or text.  Teachers can review homework and class work, as well as, the class curriculum to design a Personalized Learning Plan. The teacher assigns weekly practice to reinforce classroom concepts or remediate foundational skills. The teacher also supports the student on upcoming topics, homework, tests, as well as, during transitions between schools so kids are caught up when they get to their new location (sometimes a new curriculum). With the Full Support program, our teachers review report cards, notes from parent-teacher conferences, previous assignments and tests. When necessary, our teacher can re-teach lessons not grasped in the classroom and provide practice work for any missing foundational skills.  If needed our teacher can communicate with the student’s teacher at school to develop a well aligned learning plan. You can also add our fun monthly Discovery Kit that is selected by the teacher with hands-on projects to extend the student’s learning.

Choose from three or nine month programs. Our three-month program includes 240 minutes of Live Tutoring time and our nine-month program includes 720 minutes of Live Tutoring time with the teacher.



Full Support Tutoring Program
Weekly Live Tutoring Sessions with a Certified American Teacher X
1:1 support from a Certified American Teacher, no group classes X
As needed support for homework or difficult to understand classroom concepts X
Skills Assessments X
Personalized Learning Plan based on missing skills and ongoing homework and class support X
Weekly assignments to practice skills X
Unlimited email and text communication with the teacher with questions or follow up on assignments X
Review of school curriculum, previous tests and assignments and teacher reports X
Communication with the student’s teacher at school to inform learning plan X
Option of Project-Based Learning especially for STEM and English Language Arts X
Gifted and Talented or Special Needs curriculum with a Specialized Teacher X
Bridge curriculum to fill gaps for school transitions (e.g. moving from an IB to a Cambridge school, or moving from a Northern to Southern Hemisphere school) X

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Full Support Package

3 Months, 3 Months with Monthly Discovery Kit, 9 Months, 9 Months with Monthly Discovery Kit


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