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Did you know that American students in 27 states are learning coding and robotics as a part of their public school curriculum? Many International Schools teach ‘computers’ or ‘ICT’ but do not teach Computer Science. Twiga Tutors is bringing Computer Science to American students around the world so they stay on par with American peers and don’t miss out on the skill of the future. Plus, it is reimbursable for many overseas FS and Military families!

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Did you know that American students in 27 states are learning coding and robotics as a part of their public school curriculum? While many international schools teach ‘computers’ or ‘ICT’, most are not teaching Computer Science which includes computational thinking, computer programming and algorithms.

Twiga Tutors Computer Science ensures that American students living abroad don’t miss out on this fun course.  Our certified American teachers are trained to teach computer science to K-12 students. Twiga Tutors uses the Computer Science curriculum, developed by Facebook, Google, Twitter and others for use in US Public Schools. The course is aligned to American CSTA K-12 Computer Science Education Standards.

Students work 1:1 with a certified American teacher and meet live, online each week during 12 weeks. The teacher provides live, online instruction and students complete a weekly assignment of approximately one hour. There are 12 lessons per course and can be completed in 3 months. Students have a total of 240 minutes of Live 1:1 online instruction with their certified American teacher. Each course also includes a robotics kit selected from the kits most commonly used in US Public Schools.

Reimbursements! Section 276.9a of the DSSR may be reimbursed up to the maximum of $4,100 per child, per year when the child’s school at post does not provide instruction in academic subjects generally offered by public schools in the United States. Computer Science is offered to the majority of American public school students (27 states, including Virginia and Maryland) while many international schools only teach computer literacy (see definitions below). If your school only offers ‘computers’ but not Computer Science, then it is worth looking into the DSSR reimbursement.

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    Hi Sandra! We currently teach Computer Science to K-8 students. We plan to expand to K-12 in the second half of 2019.

    Thank you

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