Our Approach

Our personalized approach starts from the moment you get in touch! We take the time to understand your child’s unique needs and answer all your questions. Sign up for a FREE 15-minute consultation today.

We pair your child to work 1:1 with one of our certified American teachers based on the academic subject, student’s individual skill level and learning preferences. Our teachers are also certified to support Gifted and Talented and Special Needs students.

Our experienced American teachers develop a bespoke learning plan with clear goals along a fun U.S. standards-based curriculum. Teachers communicate via email, text and weekly Live Teaching Sessions scheduled in your time zone, at the time that is most convenient for you.


What you can expect from Twiga Tutors

A Personal Touch: Working with us is easy as we understand globally mobile students like no-one else. We take the time to understand your child’s unique needs and answer all your questions. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a teacher today.

Bespoke Programs: Whether it is remedial support to keep up with U.S. Education Standards, a summer Reading Project or a Hands-On U.S. History Course, our teachers design an engaging, tailor-made program based on your child’s individual skill level, learning needs and personal interests. Our certified American teachers review school reports, test scores, and curriculum to fully understand your child’s academic needs and optimize the 1:1 learning program.

Engaging Method: Our ultimate goal is for our students to become curious, thriving, independent learners – long after completing a Twiga Tutors program. Our teachers use a combination of teaching approaches including regular Live Teaching Sessions, assignments for foundational skill practice, homework and study skills support, project-based learning and personalized, monthly Discovery Kits mailed to your door.

The Best Tutors: We hand-pick our amazing, certified American teachers. They have years of experience, a genuine passion for teaching and deeply understand the unique needs of students who are on the move. Our teachers inspire, engage and make even the most challenging topics fun for your child, allowing them to build confidence and meet their academic goals.

Reimbursement Support: Our programs are reimbursable for many of our U.S. Foreign Service and Military students. We can provide sample letters and pre-approval invoices to help make reimbursements quick and easy for our students.


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Why Parents and Students LOVE Twiga Tutors:

Veronika H. – 11/10/2017

I am happy to report that after three months of Twiga Tutoring, my daughter scored very high on the MAP math test that the mid-schoolers took in the beginning of the year. The most positive result about it is that she herself feels much more confident around math concepts.

Margie T. – 23/05/2017

My son especially loved the program and frequently pleaded to do more than I planned for. This program is a great supplemental option! I especially found it helpful to watch my son do his work and then find ways to build on it in later lessons. I highly recommend Twiga Tutors!

Nico V., Grade 4 – 15/07/2018

Stephanie is the best teacher I ever had. She’s smart and makes math fun. My favorite my favorite lesson was equivalent factors and nine times tables….super fun and easy!

Deborah S. – 23/05/2017

As the American parent of a student who’s never been in the American educational system, I was curious as to whether my daughter was academically prepared when we eventually repatriate. My daughter completed this assessment enthusiastically and the results provided peace of mind for her and for me.

Adriana V. – 15/07/2018

As an EFM-operated business, Twiga Tutors understands the foreign service life and the challenges that go along with being a FS family.


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