Our certified American teachers will make sure your child stays ahead in Math no matter where they live.  For K-8 grade students, our teachers use use MobyMax‘s award-winning e-curriculum and assessments to pinpoint your child’s missing skills and create a personalized learning plan along U.S. Education Standards. For 9-12th graders our teachers use Khan Academy’s Common Core Aligned curriculum to sharpen your child’s skills from Pre-Algebra through to Pre-Calculus. Enroll now.


Using adaptive placement technology our teachers find and fix missing skills allowing gifted students to progress as quickly as they like while simultaneously ensuring that remedial students get the extra instruction they need. Students do not waste time practicing material they have already mastered. Instead, our teachers target areas where students are struggling and allow them to make progress once mastery is achieved. For students who are not adequately challenged in the classroom, our teachers give students more engaging work allowing them to advance ahead of their current grade level.


Your child starts with a Math Skills Assessment to identify missing skills throughout the K-12 curriculum. Our teachers cover all Math subjects and teach along all Math Common Core Education Standards starting from Early Numeracy and Fact Fluency through to Pre-Calculus. To ensure mastery, teachers re-assess student skills quarterly and provide strategies to master challenging material ensuring that your child knows their stuff!  Enroll now.


Course Options
Standard Course Premium Course
Our Standard Course is just $79 a month! Our teachers provide 1:1 student support by assessing skills and developing a personalized learning plan tailored to your child’s individual skill level. Teachers set and grade weekly online assignments and provide strategies to build critical Math skills while your child completes U.S. Education Standards. You can also add on 1:1 Skype sessions from just $14 here. Would you like to make learning Math even more fun? Sign up for our Premium Course which includes a Math Discovery Kit mailed to your door monthly.  Each kit is selected by the teacher and personalized to your child’s individual interests. It includes math activity books, logic games, and experiments for a fun, hands-on learning approach that builds the Math skills your child is working on that month. The Premium Course also includes Skype calls with the teacher when extra support is needed. Plus, we mail students Prizes when they complete 10 Lessons with passing scores! Enroll now.



Reimbursements May Apply

Our courses are reimbursable for some DoS and DoD families. If your child’s school does not offer a Gifted and Talented program or your child requires additional instruction to remediate Math skills the course may be reimbursable. Homeschoolers, Special Needs students and others may also qualify for reimbursement. Click here for more information.



Read our Rave Reviews!

  • Veronika Shtelmakh  I would like to comment on the efficiency of Twiga Tutor’s approach to math tutoring. My daughter finished her 6th grade in May, but the enrollment test showed that she had some areas back from fifth and sixth grades that needed to be addressed. That did not come as a surprise to me – being a Foreign Service family and changing schools and programs every two to three years I anticipated that there were some math concepts that were overlooked. I enrolled my daughter into this program in the beginning of June. Between summer travel and other activities, she was able to work on her math 30 min. each day on the average. The weekly e-mails from her teacher, Emily Batson, helped a lot to monitor my daughter’s progress, to pinpoint the areas of needed improvement and to encourage the student to go ahead and to not give up. I am happy to report that after three months of Twiga Tutoring, my daughter scored very high on the MAP math test that the mid-schoolers took in the beginning of the year. Actually, her score was higher than most of 8th graders. The most positive result about it is that she herself feels much more confident around math concepts. I was always supplementing school math at home with different exercise books, but Twiga Tutor’s systematic approach makes sure that none of the very important topics will be missed and overlooked. I have purchased three more months of the Math training program, and I feel confident that this approach and support is exactly what my child needs.
  • Erica Krug  We are loving this program so far! The individual tutoring and filling gaps from our sub-par school are great!
  • Margie T.Christianna is doing a great job with this tutoring program. We participated in her trial run and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. My son especially loved the program and frequently pleaded to do more than I planned for. This program is a great supplemental option! I especially found it helpful to watch my son do his work and then find ways to build on it in later lessons. I highly recommend Twiga Tutors!
  • Jo KennedyChristianna Pangalos has been a great tutor for our son. The program is awesome. We are very happy. Our son is really engaged. We highly recommend it.


Summary of Twiga Tutors’ Math Program
Standard Course Premium Course
Weekly 1:1 Support from a Certified American Teacher X X
Minimum 1 Hour of Learning Each Week X X
MobyMax’s Award-Winning e-Curriculum Grades K-8 X X
Khan Academy U.S. Common Core Aligned e-Curriculum Grades 9-12  X X
Live Access to the Parent Portal X X
Unlimited Skills Assessments as needed to ensure student is making progress and filling gaps X X
Students Complete U.S. Education Standards X X
Detailed Live Reports on Student Progress X X
Teachers Find and Fix missing skills using MobyMax‘s adaptive e-curriculum X X
 Portable: Learning takes place anywhere there is Internet.  X X
Self-paced: Students work at anytime, from anywhere X X
Access to Games, Certificates and Contests! X X
Prizes mailed to the student each time they complete 10 Lessons with passing scores X
Monthly Math Discovery Kit mailed to your door. Personalized to your child’s interests, includes games, logic puzzles and experiments selected by the teacher for a hands-on approach to skill building X
Skype calls with the teacher when extra support is needed X

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