Our certified teachers use MobyMaxs integrated e-curriculum to cover over 15 English Language Arts subjects. These include Early Reading, Reading, Language/Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary and Writing programs for all Kindergarten through 8th grade levels. Its award-winning platform has been used by over 22 million students around the world and is currently in 73% of American public schools. Enroll now.


Using adaptive placement technology our teachers find and fix missing skills allowing gifted students to progress as quickly as they like while simultaneously ensuring that remedial students get the extra instruction they need. Students do not waste time practicing material they have already mastered. Instead, our teachers target areas where students are struggling and allow them to make progress once mastery is achieved. For students who are not adequately challenged in the classroom, our teachers give students more engaging work allowing them to advance ahead of their current grade level.


Our pre-readers start with our Early Reading modules that include Alphabet, Phonics, Spelling, Sight words and Foundational Reading Skills. Our more advanced readers develop Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Critical Thinking Skills through fun, engaging short stories, lessons and practice work. Our teachers also build late elementary and middle school Grammar, Vocabulary and Spelling Skills. Our exciting Writing Workshop module is not to be missed!  Students work along and complete U.S. Common Core Standards. Enroll now.


Course Options
Standard Course  Premium Course
Our Standard Course is just $79 a month! Our teachers provide 1:1 student support by assessing English Language Arts skills and developing a personalized learning plan tailored to your child’s individual skill level. Teachers set and grade weekly online assignments and provide strategies to build critical English skills while your child completes U.S. Education Standards. Our teachers cover Writing, Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary and more! You can also add on 1:1 Skype sessions from just $14 here. Would you like to make Reading, Writing and Grammar even more fun? Sign up for our Premium Course which includes an English Discovery Kit mailed to your door each month.  Each kit is selected by your child’s teacher and personalized to your child’s individual interests and skill level. It includes a personalized reading list and accompanying books, spelling and vocabulary activity books, games, and magazines for a fun, hands-on learning approach that reinforces the English skills your child is working on that month. The Premium Course also includes Skype calls with the teacher when students need extra support. And we help with student motivation by mailing prizes each time a student completes 10 Lessons with a passing score! Enroll now!


Reimbursements May Apply

Our courses are reimbursable for some DoS and DoD families. If your child’s school does not offer a Gifted and Talented program or your child requires additional instruction to remediate Reading, Writing or English Grammar skills the course may be reimbursable. Homeschoolers, Special Needs students and others may also qualify for reimbursement. Click here for more information.


Summary of Twiga Tutors’ English Program
Standard Course  Premium Course
Weekly 1:1 Support from a Certified American Teacher X X
Minimum 1 Hour of Learning Each Week X X
MobyMax’s Award-Winning e-Curriculum X X
Personalized Learning Plan X X
Live Access to the Parent Portal X X
Students Complete U.S. Education Standards X X
Detailed Live Reports on Student Progress X X
Teachers Find and Fix missing skills using MobyMax‘s adaptive e-curriculum X X
Portable: Learning takes place anywhere there is Internet. X X
Self-paced: Students work at anytime, from anywhere X X
Access to Games, Certificates and Contests! X X
Prizes! Sent to students when they complete 10 Lessons with a passing score. X
Monthly English Discovery Kit mailed to your door. Personalized to your child’s interests, includes games, books, puzzles and magazines selected by the teacher for a hands-on approach to skill building. X
Personalized Reading List aligned to the skills and interests of your child. Books mailed in English Discovery Kit each month. X
Skype calls with the teacher when students need extra support. X


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