Wondering whether your kids meet US Education Standards in Math, Reading or Grammar? Want to know if your K-8 child is academically prepared to transition into the US school system? Or would you just like to know what specific Math and English Skills your child needs more practice with?

Find your child’s missing skills in Math, English Grammar and Reading with our quick and easy adaptive skills assessments. The detailed report pinpoints exactly where the student is weak, on track or ahead of US grade level requirements in the K-8 curriculum. The information can be shared with teachers, tutors and school administrators to better personalize instruction and target areas that need more support.



For only $9.95 the student completes one subject test.

For only $24.95 the student completes the tests for Math, Reading Level and Grammar.

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Here’s what parents and students are saying about Twiga Tutor’s Skills Assessments!

Erica M  This assessment confirmed that our daughter is above grade level in reading and language skills. The detailed report we received is an excellent outline of the skills expected at different grade levels, which is very important to us as we move often and change schools, countries & curriculums. The assessment was very easy for her to do independently and she felt positively about the experience.

Deborah S.  As the American parent of a student who’s never been in the American educational system, I was curious as to whether my daughter was where she needed to be in order to fit in academically when we do eventually return to America and enroll her in school there. My daughter completed this assessment enthusiastically, and her results showed that she is well above grade level in her reading and language skills. This result provided peace of mind for her and for me. The report also included detailed feedback about the various skills that were tested.

Corinne M  The English assessment was a fun process for my son. While it showed that he is tracking several grade levels above his current grade and that he has a strong vocabulary, it also showed that it would be beneficial to him to learn more grammar rules. This has not been a focus for him in the past, and now that we are aware of the deficit we can focus on it going forward. He is excited to see his progress in this area.

Brianne  This assessment is great for those not currently in the U.S. educational system as it helps you know what your child’s skills are. My child was happy to take the test. It was a good length as it was not so long that she got bored. I liked the feedback since it detailed very particular areas so you can easily see where you child need work.

Juli  Both of my children (ages 7 and 9) completed this assessment. They enjoyed doing it and when complete it provided us valuable info on their specific strengths and weaknesses so we could figure out how to best help the kids academically. The kids have changed schools every couple of years, and their assessment results would fluctuate depending on which test the school administers. This test gave us a good baseline to see where the kids stand compared to US standards. Over all, a good experience for the kids that provided valuable information for us!



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