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Posted by on 10/04/2019

We wanted to let you know that we have decided to wind down Twiga Tutors and close by the end of 2019. Unfortunately, the business has not grown enough to cover all its costs and it is not financially sustainable in the long term. This has been a hard decision for us.
Still, the last two years have been amazing learning experiences not just for the children but for Twiga Tutors as well.  Supporting over 200 students across 80 countries worldwide is no small accomplishment in two years. We offered free support to students that were plucked out of Caracas and Moscow schools during the evacuations. We taught kids to code.  And we brought fun, hands-on US History projects to all corners of the earth. All this, while tapping into the skills of incredible EFM teachers. The best part for us was seeing the individual students, academically challenged by the constant moves, reaching their potential. We have really enjoyed working with all the families.
For those currently enrolled, Twiga Tutors will continue to support the parents, students, and courses through the end of their programs. We are fully operational until the end of 2019. Any new and additional requests beyond 2019 can and will be supported individually by our amazing teachers. If you have any questions about any of the things mentioned, please reach out.  We are happy to help!
We are so grateful to all of you for your ongoing support. Thank you for being a fan, supporter, and advocate for Twiga Tutors, especially for the incredible EFM teachers and the FS and Military kids around the world.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela
Check out some of our great achievements and awesome stories from our students!

“Stephanie has a real talent for engaging gifted students. While our son was initially uninterested in math at school, Stephanie’s out-of-the-box; teaching approach sparked his curiosity and has made learning fun. Stephanie develops individualized projects and introduces new ways of thinking about math concepts making her teaching approach both methodical and engaging. Our son looks forward to his Skype sessions with Stephanie each week and does need to be reminded to finish his math work. It’s done before we even ask! We have been really happy with the excellent quality of the tutor, Stephanie.” Adriana V.

“I appreciate that Twiga Tutors is an EFM run business and that it is online so students can study or take tests at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes. I also liked that there was a certified American teacher assigned to my son who developed a personalized study plan for him. He knew that there was somebody he could contact if he ran into a problem. The assistance provided by Twiga Tutors was also important for PSAT preparation as some questions covered in the Twiga Tutors assessments were posed in the PSAT. I would definitely refer Twiga Tutors to my friends.” Anna D. – 18/10/2018

Julie B. – 25/07/2018 – We first signed up for the Twiga Tutors American History in a Box program because my boys haven’t spent much time in the U.S. (nor have they gone to American schools overseas), so I really wanted them to have exposure to U.S. history. Twiga Tutors did a great job providing positive feedback and structure for my boys…both of whom do best with significant outside motivation. As a result, my younger son developed a deep interest in African American history and social justice via this program, and the books on Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. have been in frequent rotation in our nighttime reads. Our tutor, Emily, was great about engaging with him on these topics, sharing related information stemming from her experience living in the south. I highly recommend this program for American families living overseas.

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