20 Reasons Why Children Overseas Should Learn Computer Science

Posted by on 09/03/2019

Students Overseas Are Not Learning Computer Science

While the majority of American K-12 students are learning Computer Science in public school, most international schools are not teaching Computer Science. In the United States, 27 states have mandatory Computer Science Standards for public school. The State of Virginia, where many Foreign Service and Military families repatriate, recently made “computer science and computational thinking, including computer coding” mandatory as part of their Standards of Learning.  

Reasons why your child should start learning computer science— 20 Reasons to be exact. [

  1. Coding uses the same brain waves focus as a foreign language. Learning how to program is like learning any other language in that the skill must be practiced and tested out.
  2. Creativity. It also helps a child to express their creativity through experiments with no limit on what they can produce and what topic.
  3. Problem-solving- The ability to code separates those who merely have an idea from those who can make their ideas a reality. Techniques for solving problems make them more rounded.
  4. The world is flooded by technology. Programming can change the world.
  5. Math concepts such as variables and conditions are learned as well.
  6. Logic such as sequencing, as well as, cause and effect are taught.
  7. Project design such as the importance of breaking down big ideas to specific tasks teaches the child organization skills and time management.
  8. Benefits of collaboration and techniques for communicating ideas allows for team building and interactive learning.
  9. Ability to take criticism as well as identify and fix errors.
  10. Perseverance in the face of difficulty. Being able to cope, manage and deal with adversities.
  11. Programmers are in high demand.
  12. Learning to code leads to a competitive advantage.
  13. Computer Science knowledge helps kids better understand the world around them.
  14. Coding is fun and satisfying.
  15. Coding instills persistence.
  16. Programming is a basic literacy skill in the digital age.
  17. Kids are growing up in a very different world than that of their parents.
  18. The “magic” of technology is not so hidden. They can truly understand the logic and science that controls technology – a discovery that is even more magical than they thought.
  19. The written word and writing is not enough: to enact change, it is crucial to leverage the digital medium.
  20. Confidence: Programming gives children confidence that they can be designers and builders or anything they want to dream for in their life

If your kids aren’t already learning to program, now’s the time to start!

Being a part of a globally mobile family has more challenges than most imagine.  The most evident concerns for traveling families is the fact that education outside the United States is not always on par with what will be expected of our kids when they return to the US .

With all the reasons to teach computer science today, being active in this space and gaining the knowledge to see if it is the best fit for your child is critical. Giving children the ability to try new things at an early age, lets them learn about what they enjoy and are passionate about. 

Computer Science education can also teach the hard work that is behind the technology they use every day and hopefully makes them more aware and prepared for the advances in technology they will see in their future.

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