Celebrating Katya’s Spectacular Math Results!

Posted by on 12/10/2017

Today we’re celebrating Katya’s spectacular math results and wanted to share her story with the world. Congratulations Katya on your perseverance, new-found math confidence and exam results!
Here’s her story, as told by her mom Veronika:

I would like to comment on the efficiency of TwigaTutors’ approach to math tutoring. My daughter finished 6th grade in May, but the enrollment test showed that she had some areas back from fifth and sixth grades that needed to be addressed. That did not come as a surprise to me – being a Foreign Service family and changing schools and programs every two to three years I anticipated that there were some math concepts that were overlooked.

I enrolled my daughter into this program in the beginning of June. Between summer travel and other activities, she was able to work on her math 30 min. each day on the average. The weekly e-mails from her teacher, Emily Batson, helped a lot to monitor my daughter’s progress, to pinpoint the areas of needed improvement and to encourage the student to go ahead and to not give up.
I am happy to report that after three months of TwigaTutoring, my daughter scored very high on the MAP math test that the mid-schoolers took in the beginning of the year. Actually, her score was higher than most of 8th graders. The most positive result about it is that she herself feels much more confident around math concepts. I was always supplementing school math at home with different exercise books, but TwigaTutors’ systematic approach makes sure that none of the very important topics will be missed and overlooked. I have purchased three more months of the Math training program, and I feel confident that this approach and support is exactly what my child needs.

-Veronika S., mother of Katya, Grade 7. 

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