A Story About Fractions

Posted by on 26/07/2017

A friend of mine recently described how she inadvertently skipped a couple of months of math instruction when switching schools during her tweens. It took her years before she was really comfortable with fractions. Even now, as an adult, she occasionally discovers something new that she should have learned during those skipped math classes (yet she has a very math-heavy Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering!).  
With our frequent moves, FS and DoD kids often find they are left with math ‘gaps’. This may be the result of moving from a Northern Hemisphere to a Southern Hemisphere school system, missing a couple of months of school during an off-season PCS, or changing curricula from a Cambridge to an IB program.
Whatever the reason, learning gaps can be fixed!
TwigaTutors has three different types of tests—Placement, Skill Checker, Pinpointer—to find missing skills. Once we find the gaps, our teachers guide students through MobyMax‘s award-winning, e-curriculum to fill holes and build a strong foundation.
My friend said, “I wish I had this help in middle school. It would have saved me a lot of grief both then and even now.”
With just two hours a week, your kids won’t be left behind. Check out our Math program here.  Starting from just $24.95 a month our certified American teachers make sure kids stay on top of US Education standards from anywhere in the world.
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