8 Fun Learning Activities for Kids on the 4th of July

Posted by on 04/07/2017

Do your kids know the story behind the fireworks? Check out these fun activities that teach your kids the history of America’s birthday. Which one is your child like most?

  1. Watch a video on the History of the Fourth of July. (K-8)


  1. Learn about the Origin of Fireworks or Paint Your Own (K-5)


  1. Identify the Founding Fathers in John Trumbull’s famous Painting “The Declaration of Independence” (K-5)


  1. Explore America’s Founding Documents and add your name to the Declaration and print in color or black and white. (K-5)


  1. Make a 4th of July Coloring Book (K-2)


  1. Name that Founding Father Game (K-5)


  1. Quill Pen Use your mouse to write with a quill. (K-5)


  1. Mission US Game: For Crown or Colony? An interactive adventure game designed to improve an understanding of American History. (Grades 5-8)


Looking for more ways to expand your child’s US History knowledge? Enroll in TwigaTutors’ US Social Studies program for more US History and Civics fun! Reimbursable for DoS and DoD kids.

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