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Veronika Shtelmakh – 11/10/2017

I am happy to report that after three months of Twiga Tutoring, my daughter scored very high on the MAP math test that the mid-schoolers took in the beginning of the year. The most positive result about it is that she herself feels much more confident around math concepts.

Margie T. – 23/05/2017

My son especially loved the program and frequently pleaded to do more than I planned for. This program is a great supplemental option! I especially found it helpful to watch my son do his work and then find ways to build on it in later lessons. I highly recommend Twiga Tutors!

LeeAnn T. – 23/05/2017

My 9 year old daughter has been enjoying this program! She has especially enjoyed the U.S. Social Studies since she clearly isn’t getting that in Bangkok! Thank you Christianna Pangalos! I encourage everyone with school aged children to check it out!

Deborah S. – 23/05/2017

As the American parent of a student who’s never been in the American educational system, I was curious as to whether my daughter was academically prepared when we eventually repatriate. My daughter completed this assessment enthusiastically and the results provided peace of mind for her and for me.

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